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  • Weather Never Better as Atlantis Nears De-Orbit Burn
    Posted by Mark Carreau 8:02 AM on Jul 21, 2011

    "The weather could not be better," NASA's Mission Control informed the Atlantis astronauts as they neared the de-orbit burn for a descent to the Kennedy Space Center.
    The braking maneuver is scheduled for 4:49 a.m., EDT.
    Touchdown is scheduled for 5:56 a.m., EDT.
    Though clear, it will be about 42 minutes before sunrise in Central Florida.

    blog post photo
    In Mission Control, shuttle communicator Charlie Hobaugh, shuttle weather communicator Barry
    Wilmore, entry flight director Tony Ceccacci and weather flight director Richard Jones, pictured
     left to right, ponder  the final orbit of Atlantis.  Photo Credit/NASA TV

    Tags: os 99, NASA, space shuttle, International Space Station

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