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  • Orion's Display
    Posted by Guy Norris 3:30 AM on Apr 14, 2010

    Amid encouraging signs that President Barak Obama will announce a reprieve for the Orion crew exploration vehicle during his much anticipated space policy speech on Thursday, Honeywell is preparing to conduct a series of critical design reviews (CDR) of the spacecraft’s avionics and crew interface systems.

    Using technology derived from its commercial air transport avionics and display formats from its space shuttle upgrade work, Honeywell has been integrally involved in the Orion development program. The company, which is also providing integrated system health management and mission ground operations support, is “ready for CDR” says a program official.

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    Display - on display (Guy Norris)

    Although the crew interface on show at NSS here in Colorado Springs is not an exact version of the Orion display, it is said to be close to the design going into CDR. The display configuration includes attitude control (right) and thrust inceptors.

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