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  • Missing the Crater on Mars
    Posted by Guy Norris 9:32 PM on May 27, 2008

    When the first grainy image of Phoenix snapped by MRO was released yesterday no-one, including NASA at the time, knew how amazing that picture would truly get. Once the digital image was fully processed, controllers were stunned to see the tiny lander (seen below in the pull-out box), against the ominous background of a 6 mile-diameter crater. Because of the angle from the MRO, the Lander looks a lot closer than it actually is (about 12 miles).  The landing zone was originally picked because it is made smoother than a lot of alternative areas in the northern hemisphere because of the ejector blanker from this impact area, informally known as Heimdall Crater. To see other images coming down from Mars visit the NASA website

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    Tags: os99, Phoenix Mars Lander, NASA JPL

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