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  • More pix from Phoenix
    Posted by Guy Norris 2:43 AM on May 26, 2008

    Some interesting new images just posted by the University of Arizona showing more details of the terrain imediately around the lander, polygonal features and one of the lspacecraft's landing pads on the surface. Confirmation has also been received that the vehicle landed at a site 68.22N and 234E with a horizontal velocity of less than 0.1m/s, a vertical velocity of 2.4m/s. The backshell detached at 960m (close to the estimated 3,000ft mark), and the flight path entry angle was -13.007 deg.

    All pictures courtesy of NASA, Caltech, University of Arizona

    blog post photo

     The lander pad resting on the Martian soil

    blog post photo

    Polygonal patterns clearly showing up in the Martian permafrost

    Tags: os99, Mars, Phoenix Mars Lander, NASA JPL, University of Phoenix

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