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  • VIDEO: Rocketdyne's Abort Motor for Boeing's Capsule
    Posted by Graham Warwick 9:46 PM on Mar 15, 2011

    As it says on the sleeve of David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust album - "Play it loud"! This video shows recent hot-fire tests of Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne's Bantam demonstration engine for the "pusher" launch-abort system on Boeing's CST-100 commercial crew capsule.

    Video: Boeing

    The rocket engine is designed to push the spacecraft clear of its booster in the event of a launch abort, but - if it is not needed - the propellant can be used elsewhere on the mission. such as re-boosting the space station's orbit after docking. The engine produced 52,000-54,000lb thrust during the tests, conducted in the California desert.

    Boeing is working on design of the seven-seat CST-100 capsule under NASA's Commercial Crew Development program. The company is teamed with Bigelow Aerospace, which hopes to use the Atlas V-launched CST-100 for transport to and from its planned inflatable space complex.

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