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  • STEM and Will.i.am
    Posted by Jen DiMascio 12:12 PM on Sep 06, 2012

    Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.i.am and NASA are tight.

    One week after his new song “Reach for the Stars” was broadcast via the Curiosity Rover on Mars, the pop star was chatting up the press at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

    Will.i.am credits the president and first lady Michelle Obama with inspiring him to build a science, technology, engineering and math school in his East Los Angeles neighborhood.

    “It's cool because what it means and why it was beamed back from Mars, to inspire these kids to want to be scientists, technicians, engineers, mathematicians, so inspire these kids to take interest in the STEM education to become entrepreneurs, innovators and create the next medical equipment, the next turbine engines, the next, you know, new innovative, you know, tools to change our lives,” Will.i.am told CNN.

    He is going all out for STEM and other types of education, teaming up with Discovery Education and recording a public service message boosting NASA’s technology spin-offs.

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