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  • Frank Morring on Talking Space
    Posted by Sean Meade 10:24 PM on Sep 28, 2011

    Senior Editor Frank Morring was the guest on the Talking Space podcast this week. Here's their summary of the episode:
    On this episode, we invite back Aviation Week Senior Editor Frank Morring. With his 35 years in journalism, over 20 of those focusing in aerospace, we ask him about the current events around NASA. We begin with the discussion of UARS which recently crashed back to Earth and about space debris in general. Then we get his opinion of the Space Launch System, or SLS, NASA's future spacecraft to take American astroanuts to an unspecified destination. We then discuss the role of commercial companies and the possibilities that it may hold and if it can be viable. We then finish off with Wallops Space Flight Center possibly having manned launches and the implications at the Kennedy Space Center, as well as preview Mark's far-out upcoming trip and Mr. Morring's thoughts on it.
    Head over to to listen: Episode 339: It's "Aviation Week" On Talking Space

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