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    Posted by Jeffrey Manber 4:17 PM on May 18, 2009

    Let it be known that on Monday, May 18th, 2009, the most popular article in the Washington Post concerned the subject of space. More viewers this morning have looked at the Post article on NASA than Sally Quinn's article on National Security Adviser General Jones, on the meeting with Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu and on the problems of being poor in today’s economy.


    Readers of this blog might jump to the conclusion that the article was devoted to the Hubble Space Telescope repairs. Maybe a gripping account of the harrowing days of space walks to repair the orbiting observatory, as painstakingly detailed by Aviation Week's Frank Morring. But no, the article was not on the Hubble Telescope and the repairs now taking place.


    Or perhaps the most widely viewed article tells the behind the scenes of President Obama meeting this very morning in the Oval Office, maybe, perhaps, with the next NASA administrator. But no, the article was not on the next NASA administrator. 


    The most widely viewed article in the Washington Post this morning is entitled “Ever Wondered How Astronauts Pee in Space?”


    It is filled with such facts and opinions as: “The international space station and today's space vehicles are equipped with special toilets that work in a gravity-free environment. (If they didn't, there would be a lot more flying about the ship than pens and pencils!)”

     The article is in the kid’s section of the paper. So, on this day as we wait to hear who will lead the space agency during the Obama administration, there is comforting statistical evidence and proof positive news that NASA and human space exploration remains relevant to a whole new generation of voters and taxpayers.

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