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  • Astronauts Repair Space Station's Leaky Water Recycler
    Posted by Mark Carreau 3:37 PM on Apr 11, 2010

    While Sunday's spacewalk by Discovery astronauts Clay Anderson and Rick Mastracchio unfolded, astronauts inside the International Space Station replaced a faulty catalytic converter in the inactive water processing assembly.The processor is a key part of the space station's water recovery system, the hardware installed last year to reclaim drinking water from humidity in the breathing air and astronaut urine.

    Water recycling is an essential part of plans to keep the station staffed with six full-time astronauts after the space shuttle is retired later this year and re-supply becomes more of a challenge.

    The recovered water is used to generate oxygen as well as for drinking.

    However, the recycling has been on hold since last month, when the previous catalytic reactor began to leak.The water processing assembly was to be in a "warm up" mode for most of Sunday and then be ready to operate again, said Ron Spencer, NASA lead space station flight director. 

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