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  • Progress 45 Docks with International Space Station
    Posted by Mark Carreau 1:45 PM on Nov 02, 2011

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    Russia's Progress supply craft closes within 100 meters of the International Space Station early Tuesday. Photo Credit/NASA TV

    Russia’s Progress 45 cargo craft carried out a successful automated docking with the International Space Station early Tuesday, delivering nearly three tons of propellant, water, oxygen, research gear and other supplies.


    The space freighter, launched Oct. 30, linked to the station’s Russian segment’s Pirs module at 7:41 a.m., EDT.

    The docking brought to an end a closely watched mission that began with the first launching of a Soyuz-U booster with a station bound cargo craft since the Aug. 24 loss of the Progress 44 supply ship. The late August crash, blamed on a clogged third stage fuel line, prompted a suspension of Soyuz crew missions while Russia carried out a recovery plan.

    Russia plans to resume crew launches to the orbital outpost using the similar Soyuz FG booster on Nov. 14. The Soyuz 28 mission will deliver two Russians and an American to the space station on Nov. 16.

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