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  • VIDEO: Turkey's New Launcher Concept
    Posted by Amy Svitak 2:10 AM on Jul 11, 2013

    Turkey has unveiled its concept for a new space launch vehicle and satellite launch center in a video produced by the country's undersecretariat for defense industries and missile-maker Roketsan.

    The video shows a three-stage rocket with the name "Gokturk" featured on the payload shroud as it blasts off a launch pad, dropping its first stage into a body of water. The second stage ignites and burns for several seconds before separating. After the payload fairing is jettisoned, the third-stage releases into orbit what appears to be a geostationary communications satellite equipped with an apogee kick motor, five reflector antennas and two solar arrays.

    Tags: os99, Gokturk, Turkey space launch

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