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  • From Shannon, With Efficiency
    Posted by Sean Broderick 8:41 PM on Oct 16, 2013

    Conventional wisdom says that narrobodies don't continent-hop for airframe maintenance work. But there's nothing that prevents MRO providers from going to the planes. 

    Eirtech Aviation has been tapped by WestJet to install cabin pressure warning indicator kits on the carrier's 737NG fleet. The work was mandated in the U.S. via FAA airworthiness directive 2013-02-05, which Transport Canada adopted. The Shannon, Ireland-based MRO provider will do the work on-site in Canada, leveraging an approved alternative means of compliance that minimizes aircraft downtime. 

    The upgrade involves modifying two flight deck instrument panels and two overhead panels, and replacing associated wire bundles. FAA estimates the per-aircraft cost at about $12,000 for the work. Eirtech, it seems, has found a better way.

    "Our approved solution allows us to bypass routing through junction 46, avoiding additional unnecessary testing of unrelated systems," says CEO Niall Cunningham.

    Eirtech also has the benefit of experience on its side. Earlier this year, the carrier landed a similar deal to service another well-known Boeing 737 operator: Southwest Airlines. 

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