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  • ST Aero Redelivers Combi 757 to RNZAF
    Posted by Elyse Moody 4:18 PM on Aug 05, 2008

    The market for Boeing 757 conversions is strong and growing, according to Singapore Technologies Aerospace president Tay Kok Khiang, who led yesterday's redelivery of a converted multi-role Boeing 757-200 to the Royal New Zealand Air Force. Tay said his firm expects the number of standard-body aircraft available for conversions to open up once deliveries of next generation aircraft begin--particularly the 787.

    The RNZAF plans to use its multi-role 757-200 freighters for longer range strategic operations, due to improved fuel economy over the 727-200s they replace, said Air Commodore Dick Newlands, who represented the New Zealand Defence Force at an ST Aero press conference. The air force’s five C-130 aircraft, which also are being upgraded and modified, will be used for more economical, technical support future missions, he said.

    blog post photo
    First redelivered Boeing 757-200 to RNZAF. [Photo: ST Aerospace]

    blog post photo
    One interior configuration for the RNZAF 757-200. [Photo: ST Aerospace]


    blog post photo
    ST Aerospace's RNZAF 757-200 redelivery team. [Photo: ST Aerospace]

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