Heathrow, Gatwick Earmarked For New Runway Options

By Anthony Osborne tony.osborne@aviationweek.com
Source: AWIN First

The commission will now firm up studies and development work for the final report, to be delivered in 2015 after the next general election.

The commission is also pushing for a series of short-term solutions to capacity, including the optimization of U.K. airspace, using enhanced en route traffic management systems, and performance-based navigation. It also calls for conducting trials at Heathrow to smooth early morning arrival schedules to minimize delays and provide more predictable relief from noise and pollution for local communities. The report also urges improvements in surface access to airports, including better rail links. But while officials say such measures are “worthwhile on their own terms … none of them can provide a long-term solution to the U.K.’s airport capacity problem.”

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