Britain Woos UAE As Fighter Decision Nears

By Anthony Osborne, Angus Batey
Source: AWIN First

“Your [the UAE] neighborhood and mine are increasingly becoming one and the same,” Pulford said, adding that the U.K.’s and the UAE’s shared interests “run deep. Around 160,000 Britons now live in the Gulf region and around one million visit the UAE alone each year. The country also is home to 4,000 British businesses and there are strong educational links.”

Put together, these elements build a compelling case - not just for a UAE Typhoon buy, but for a deepening broader alliance between the U.K. and the Gulf nation.

“All of our discussions with the UAE around military collaboration are around building partnerships, and have been for some time,” Hammond says. “It’s certainly not simple equipment deals — it’s much more complex collaboration than that. And as we talk about these things and we understand each other better, that collaboration grows deeper.”

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