LCS-1 Freedom Needs More Repairs

By Michael Fabey
Source: AWIN First

“In each drive train, a feedback cable connects the steerable-reversible waterjet to the waterjet control system. Based on physical monitoring of the waterjet’s directional flow of high-pressure water, the feedback cable sends signals to a waterjet position indicator located on the bridge,” Doss says. “If the indicator is not functioning properly, bridge watchstanders cannot tell whether the waterjet is responding to steering commands. Though less optimal, manual steering control is possible at a local control panel.”

Although maintenance issues can sometimes cause unpredictable schedule impacts, Doss says, “we are confident that the right combination of technical assistance, maintenance and parts support are in theater now to address this issue.”

He says he cannot discuss specific maintenance timelines or operational schedules, but technicians are working quickly to repair the problem and Freedom continues to prepare for scheduled regional exercise events.

Freedom has also suffered from other problems, including power outages, while on the deployment.

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