Airbus Disbanding Its MRO Network

By Sean Broderick
Source: AWIN First

“The relationships have been formed,” Blyth says. “The MROs know us, and we know them. We still have their business cards. If they want to contact us about things that we’re doing or they’re doing, they can do that, just like any MRO can.”

Scrapping the MRO Network will not alter Airbus’s aftermarket strategy. On the front end, the manufacturer remains willing to purchase MRO services on behalf of carriers as part of expanded aircraft orders.

Unlike rival Boeing, however, Airbus does not have specific aftermarket revenue or growth targets. Boeing has publicly stated its ambition to leverage engineering expertise and bolt-on services to grow aftermarket revenues at a rate comparable to commercial sales. While Airbus offers similar services, Anderson says his team’s primary goal is helping ensure Airbus operators remain Airbus operators.

“Airbus has a unique place in the services and support marketplace, because we’re the ones who built the aircraft,” Anderson notes. “We need to ultimately be someone who is supporting the sale of the aircraft and facilitating the company’s long-term relationships with customers. 

“As far as a specific goal or market ambition, we wouldn’t go that far,” Anderson adds. “We need to further develop where we can help our customers and create value, and the business will follow.”

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