Honeywell: Fewer Deliveries, But $250B Market Through 2023

By Kerry Lynch
Source: AWIN First

Honeywell sees development work across all platform sizes, in both announced and unannounced projects, Wilson says. He sees flight and fuel efficiency, along with evolving next-generation air traffic management technologies such as ADS-B, serving as drivers in upcoming projects.

The fractional market has not played a significant role in new deliveries in recent years, accounting for only 20 new jets this year. But a number of major orders have boosted the industry’s backlog, and Honeywell believes these deliveries should begin picking up in 2014. But it is unclear whether future fractional deliveries will be replacements or represent a fleet expansion.

Flight activity has been improving for both fractional and charter operations, but overall remains flat. North America has shown signs of slight increases, but Wilson notes this stems primarily from international arrivals and departures.

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