Karem Unveils Variable-Speed Tiltrotor For U.S. Army JMR Demo

By Graham Warwick graham.warwick@aviationweek.com
Source: AWIN First

Inventor Abe Karem designed the precursor to the Predator unmanned aircraft and the (now Boeing) A160 Hummingbird long-endurance unmanned helicopter with its optimum-speed rotor. He formed Karem Aircraft in 2004 to develop the OSTR concept.

From 2005-2010 Karem studied a version of the OSTR weighing more than 200,000 lb. under the Army-led Joint Heavy Lift (JHL) effort. The TR75 had two 75-ft.-dia., variable-speed rotors. Lockheed Martin teamed with Karem on JHL, which was eventually shelved for lack of funding.

The company is continuing private-venture development of two commercial OSTR aircraft, the 90-passenger AeroCommuter and 180-passenger AeroTrain.

[Editor’s Note: A160 typo corrected]

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