FAA Expands Exemptions From 24-Month Flight Review

By Kerry Lynch kerry.lynch@aviationweek.com
Source: AWIN First

“Although a flight instructor practical test is chiefly focused on the pilot’s instructional skills, a pilot must demonstrate satisfactory performance of the procedures and maneuvers selected by the examiner — at least to the commercial pilot skill level — while giving effective instruction.” These requirements exceed those of a flight review, the agency adds, “and meet the goal of ensuring that a pilot’s competency is observed by a qualified individual.”

As for the PIC recent flight experience requirements, the FAA notes that regulations have caused some confusion over the scope of the exception for PICs meeting an operator’s recency qualifications and requirements.

“The FAA did not intend to limit the exception to pilots employed by air carriers operating in Parts 121 and 135,” the agency says. “The FAA intended to include any pilot in command who is employed by a Part 119 certificate holder authorized to conduct operations under Part 121 or Part 135 when the pilot is engaged in operations under parts 91, 121, or 135 for that certificate holder” if the PIC meets the operator’s requirements, the FAA adds.

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