South Korea Looks Ready To Order 60 Boeing F-15SEs

By Bradley Perrett
Source: AWIN First

Jefferies aerospace analyst Howard Rubel says Boeing’s pursuit of the contract probably underscored its ongoing industrial cooperation with Korean aerospace producers. “The deal would represent a significant success for Boeing and indicate that its efforts to improve the F-15’s survivability have made progress,” he wrote in an Aug. 19 note to his clients. “The range and payload of the plane far exceed the capability of the F-35.”

But Rubel also stressed that the competition is not over until a deal is signed. “Much can happen between one round and the final contract,” he notes. “From Lockheed Martin’s point of view, a win would reinforce the company’s point that stealth and other F-35 system capabilities dominate such factors as range, payload or one versus two engines.”

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