Managing Modules: U.S. Navy Defends LCS Mission Package Plans

By Michael Fabey
Source: AWIN First

He says, “The alternative is, let’s stop for two years while we go evaluate it. You can’t do that — the shipyard is going to go away. Of course we are [in production right now]. What would you have us do? ... Do you want to stop? [GAO and DOT&E] say, ‘We just want to make sure everyone recognizes there’s risk here.’ What do you think we should do? They say, ‘Just keep doing what you’re doing.’ Appreciate your input. Do you want us to stop production? They say, ‘We’re not saying that.’ So what are you saying? ‘We’re saying there’s risk.’ Well, welcome to my world.”

In Ailes’ LCS world, the truly hard part is in the program’s wake. “It’s just physical integration that needs to be done. It’s engineering, it’s science. It’s not like, ‘When are we going to go to the Moon?’ It’s more like, ‘When are we going to Denver?’ It’s a long way, but we can get there.”

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