Airbus, Boeing Fight Over 747, A380 Performance Data

By Jens Flottau, Rupa Haria
Source: AWIN First

Given that the 747-8 is currently only operated by one passenger airline (Lufthansa), it is difficult to find independent operations data to verify the performance and cost claims made by Boeing and Airbus. However, one airline industry source with detailed inside knowledge of performance data for both aircraft on comparable routes and layout standards says there is hardly any unit cost difference between the 747-8 and the A380. Even so, that data does suggest a trip cost advantage for Boeing in excess of 20%, the official says. Unlike the unit cost figures, which appear to be off for both the Boeing and Airbus claims, the trip cost level would be relatively close to what Boeing markets for its largest aircraft.

Boeing only has orders for 40 747-8 passenger aircraft, 16 of which have been delivered. Eight are flying with Lufthansa and eight are VIP aircraft. Korean Air and Air China have ordered five each, while Arik Air has bought two.

Airbus has 262 orders for the A380, 106 of which have already been delivered.

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