Cessna Nearing Certification Of Diesel Skylane

By Kerry Lynch kerry.lynch@aviationweek.com
Source: AWIN First

The 162 backlog once stood at “more than 1,000,” but Cessna was losing money on every one produced, so it raised the price “and the backlog just disappeared,” President and CEO Scott Ernest had said. When asked about the program, Noah responded, “We have availability. We’re still taking orders.

A little more than 200 SkyCatchers have been delivered.

Cessna, meanwhile, is teaming with Kansas State University on pilot training. Cessna and the university today are scheduled to sign an agreement to enable students who take flight training at the Cessna Pilot Centers to receive university credit. The credit, which would be available beginning fall of 2014, would count towards a bachelor’s degree in technology management.

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