Beechcraft Weighing Bids For Hawker 4000/Premier

By Kerry Lynch
Source: AWIN First

Boisture is hesitant to provide details on new products, telling Aviation Week earlier this year that as the company regained its footing he wanted to “talk a lot less” about new aircraft. Instead, he wants the company to assume a “Skunk Works mentality.” But during the most recent European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Geneva, Shawn Vick, president of Beechcraft International Services Co., said the company expects to bring new diesel variants of the Bonanza and Baron aircraft to market by the end of 2014 and remains “highly interested” in the single-turboprop market. Research is continuing on such a product, with more specifics anticipated over the next couple of years.

Boisture says Beechcraft’s focus on the single turboprop has been to determine which parameters would differentiate it in the market, what the competition would be, and how much it could cost. But he would not put a timeline on a go-ahead. As for the diesel variants, Boisture notes the difficulty in obtaining aviation gasoline in international markets. “We know we’ve got to make some changes,” he says, “That will be necessary to keeping them in production.”

While Boisture acknowledged the tumultuous past and says the company has been striving for stability, he acknowledges that changes may be ahead down the line. Three of the major shareholders are those that specialize in distressed properties. He says in those cases, the question comes up on whether they’re long-term owners. “I wouldn’t think so,” he says. But he adds that he does not know whether that means three years or 10 years.

Editor’s Note: This article incorporates changes to reflect a company request and to the Hawker 4000 fleet composition.

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