Asiana Pilots Flew Slow, Steady Descent

By Sean Broderick, John Croft
Source: AWIN First

Hersman says investigators will seek “a lot more details” about the flight crew’s activities during the flight and in the 72 hr. prior to departing Seoul. Information from the interviews will be “correlated” with CVR and FDR data, she says. “We want understand what [the pilots] knew, and what they understood,” she says.

The crash ripped the plane’s tail off, leaving its tail cone in the sea wall and scattering parts in the water and along the airfield. Pieces of the sea wall were knocked “several hundred feet” up the runway, Hersman says, and both engines separated from the airframe.

The plane was carrying 291 passengers and 16 crewmembers. Two passengers died. Hersman says that reports of an emergency response vehicle striking and killing one of the passengers are premature.

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