Aerojet, Kuznetsov To Restart NK-33 Rocket Motor Production

By Amy Butler, Frank Morring, Jr.
Source: AWIN First

Boley says another option for Orbital would be to purchase another product made by RD-180 maker NPO Energomash, such as the RD-191. The RD-191 is the propulsion system used by Russia’s Angara rocket.

In a conference call with reporters June 18, Boley said the Russian government has not cleared the new U.S. company for the joint venture with Energomash, calling government approval the “long pole in the tent.” He expects approval in the coming months as part of a “second phase of this acquisition.”

Kuznetsov is willing to restart the NK-33 line to give Orbital a production source of existing engines for the Antares, he says, so the antitrust issue with ULA on the RD-180 could go away.

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