Pilot Report: L410 UVP Turbolet

By Fred George fred.george@aviationweek.com
Source: AWIN First

For the final landing we used the ground spoilers, full braking action and maximum prop reverse. Landing distance was 2,850 ft.

Conclusions? The GE H80 engines are breathing new life into the fourth-generation L410, even though the design is half a century old. The 19-seat aircraft retains all of its rugged design heritage and off runway versatility. Yes, it has legacy Eastern Bloc design quirks dating back to Let’s original goal of creating an Antonov An-2 successor, but that’s part of its charm. Aircraft Industries already is cutting metal for the next generation L410, planning to add even more horsepower, flat-panel avionics and increased fuel capacity. It’s likely that GE power, among other improvements, will extend the L410’s production run for several years to come.


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