Bombardier Battles Against 787 “Tax” On CSeries Orders

By Graham Warwick
Source: AWIN First

But while the company has several sales campaigns underway, including some with low-cost carriers involving the 160-seat extra-capacity option for the 135-seat CS300, Bombardier’s biggest challenge remains overcoming the 787 “tax.” “What does it take to make an airline board member forget those problems?” Fuller asks.

“We have got to fly, to demonstrate some performance and show that our weight plan, specific fuel-consumption plan and technology certification plan are sound. Why? Because we have 100 pages of guarantee language in our contracts,” he says.

“We have got to change the say/do ratio” by demonstrating execution and performance, Fuller says, adding, “We have got to be way better than the other guys.”

Fuller says three CSeries should be flying and demonstrating consistent performance data by August or September, and all five CS100 test aircraft will be flying by year-end. Flight-test vehicles 6 and 7, the CS300 test aircraft, are under construction, with the first center wing box already completed at Bombardier’s Belfast plant.

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