BizJet Market Showing Signs Of Softening

By Kerry Lynch
Source: AWIN First

This decline is predominantly attributable to a steep drop in fractional turboprop operations (23.1%) and Part 91 turboprop operations (14%). Part 91 and fractional operations of small and medium jets were also down. But Part 135 flights were up across all categories, and large cabin operations were up, regardless of how operated. And the May statistics were improved from April’s, according to Argus.

Likewise in Europe, business aircraft departures jumped in May – as they typically do – but were down 2.7% from a year earlier, according to European research firm WingX. A drop-off in Germany “weighed down the European market,” WingX says, offsetting a small improvement in the U.K. and in Southern Europe.

Private flights dropped, particularly in Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Poland, WingX says. But charter activity improved in several countries, including Spain and Portugal. But in Germany, charter activity was down 14%.

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