FAA, International Community Lay Groundwork For Small Aircraft Rules Rewrite

By Kerry Lynch kerry.lynch@aviationweek.com
Source: AWIN First

This would enable the experts in their field to guide standards rather than government regulatory bodies trying to keep up with evolving technologies. It would relieve the burden from FAA and other government agencies that have limited resources to keep up with changes in the marketplace and help get products to market sooner. But unlike light-sport aircraft, the regulatory bodies would still have final certification approvals. The recommendations further would reclassify light aircraft by complexity rather than weight.

While rulemaking is required for such a change, FAA is beginning to look at changes that it can make sooner that would not require regulation, Bowles says. For instance, some of the certification changes can already be applied to primary category aircraft, he says. In addition to ensuring follow through on the recommendations, ARC members are now shifting their attention to the new standards-setting body – the ASTM F44 committee -- which already has begun meeting, he says.

“The secret is we all have to keep marching together now that the ARC is over,” Bowles says.

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