CSeries Will Not Fly Before Paris Air Show

By Jens Flottau jens.flottau@aviationweek.com
Source: AWIN First

Given the market tends to go for larger aircraft, driving unit costs down, Fuller points out that “the airplane can get larger.” He does not see any serious limitations on the engine side for a further CSeries stretch, and the relatively high landing gear would also accommodate a longer fuselage without undue tail strike risk. But he also cautions that “we have an awful lot of work to do” with the current two versions and that stretching the aircraft isn’t planned in the short term.

Fuller says he is not concerned about the A319NEO and the Boeing 737 Max 7, the direct competitors of the CS300, which make up only a fraction of the NEO and MAX order backlog. He estimates that the CS300 will have 12-15% lower seat mile costs than the A319NEO and does not believe that “the MAX 7 will be competitive on an operating cost basis.”

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