EBACE Opens With Focus On Government Constraints, Future Of ATC

By Kerry Lynch kerry.lynch@aviationweek.com
Source: AWIN First

Meanwhile, Siim Kallas, vice president of the European Commission, commissioner for Mobility and Transport, sent a message to attendees at the opening general session outlining the obstacles and calling for collaboration for the Single European Sky initiative. He told the audience in a taped briefing that progress has been made, but not enough as Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) gets closer to deployment. Strong implementation plans must be carried out, he says. “It cannot exist just on paper.”

Patrick Ky, of SESER Joint Undertaking, says officials are hoping to move the system forward throughout partnerships and incremental change. “It is extremely complex to make any change in air traffic management.” He stressed the importance of all users collaborating. “Whatever change [is made] will have an impact on all aircraft. It doesn’t make sense to make change in isolation.”

Daniel Weder, CEO of Swiss air navigation services provider Skyguide, expressed concern that “business aviation often takes a backseat in the discussions with air navigations services providers,” but he considers business aircraft operations an important part of the system. “We can do more homework to understand and better integrate [business aviation operations],” he says.

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