Safran Reveals New Turboprop Efforts

By Guy Norris
Source: AWIN First

P&WC, which just shipped components to MTU in advance of the start of advanced compressor rig tests in June for its Next Generation Regional Turboprop (NGRT), does not anticipate the launch of any new projects before mid-2014. With the earliest entry-into-service of a new-generation turboprop not expected until 2019-2020, P&WC Marketing Vice President Richard Dussault believes the market will be too congested to support a third player in the big commercial turboprop arena.

“Clearly I don’t think there will be three engine makers in the market,” he said. “We essentially invented this market, and with 37 different models of the PW100 — not including turboprop versions of the PT6 — that’s the core value we bring to the airframers.”

Testing of what could represent an important element of the make-up of the nascent Snecma turboprop is scheduled for later this year when the first Silvercrest engine is due to start flight tests. The initial engine will be delivered “at the end of the year,” Fabre says, adding that the evaluation will take place in Texas on a modified Gulfstream 2. Cessna has selected the engine, rated at 11,000 lb. thrust, for the Citation Longitude super midsize business jet, plus another undisclosed application.

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