Boeing To Cut 1,500-1,700 Engineers

By Michael Mecham
Source: AWIN First

The company says as many as 600 additional staff will be included in the current cycle of layoffs but has not revealed where they are located.

“I realize this news may be surprising,” Delaney acknowledges. “Commercial Airplanes has been on an upswing for several years. We continue to ramp up production on our major programs and the prospect for future development work is very positive.” However, it is “too far out for us to maintain present levels of employment.”

The news brought a swift reaction from the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (Speea), which represents the engineers and technical workers.

“We find it extremely disappointing that [BCA] is actively outsourcing engineering work to the Moscow Design Center while laying off employees in the [Pacific] Northwest,” says Speea Executive Director Ray Goforth.

A Boeing official says Moscow employment also has declined. He says hiring “in critical areas” across BCA will continue, but he declines to be specific.

Speea says it is working with Boeing managers to try to find new positions within Boeing for those getting pink slips.

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