Honeywell Will Boost Runway Excursion Protection

By John Croft
Source: Aviation Daily

The new landing performance monitor, shown to Aviation Week on Dec. 4 in the form of an engineering prototype, gives the pilot-not-flying a graphical representation of where on the runway the aircraft will stop, along with suggestions for maximum braking, deploying spoilers and other excursion preventatives.

The same computations are used for the takeoff performance monitor, which Khatwa says is the more difficult of the two to implement. In the engineering prototype, the pilot-not-flying sees two bands overlaying the runway, one in brown and one in blue, along with the computed location for “V1” speed. The top of the brown band shows the region where the aircraft can be stopped if the takeoff is aborted, and the top of the blue band shows where the aircraft will reach a height of 35 ft. above the runway if the takeoff is continued.

The software computes the V1 and 35 ft. locations by comparing the actual acceleration of the aircraft with the scheduled acceleration, issuing an aural alert at 80 kt. if the acceleration is too low. The alert is inhibited above 80 kt. to avoid distracting pilots in the high-speed portion of the takeoff.

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