Teams Test More Powerful Engines For U.S. Army Helicopters

By Graham Warwick
Source: Aerospace Daily & Defense Report

ATEC ran its first HPW3000 in July, completing a 30-hr. abbreviated durability test before being torn down and inspected with the Army.

The second engine, for performance and sand-ingestion tests, began runs about a month ago.

Performance was measured on the first engine “and we believe we have validated that the customer’s goals are achievable,” Wheeler says. The ITEP EMD goals are carried over largely unchanged from the AATE S&T program, he adds. Early results from the second engine “look good,” he says, with sand-ingestion tests scheduled to continue into next year.

The Army’s goal is to field the ITEP with minimum changes to the UH-60 and AH-64, using the additional power to increase hot-and-high performance while staying within existing transmission limits. Later, gearboxes could be upgraded to take full advantage of the extra power, Wheeler says.

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