Final Meads Flight Test Near

By Amy Butler
Source: Aerospace Daily & Defense Report

Washington previously paid 58% of the share of the work, with Germany offering 25% and Italy the remaining 17%.

During a recent set of meetings in Warsaw, the U.S. government cleared Polish officials to receive technical data that had previously only been available to the partner nations.

If Meads wins in Poland, the company hopes to base a system integration laboratory (SIL) in Poland, mirroring the capability already residing in the U.S.

Washington’s decision “provides the opportunity for Poland to literally jump to the front of the line,” Coyne says.

Lockheed officials say there are at least 20 nations procuring air and missile defenses in the coming 10-15 years.

Once the current development money runs out in fiscal 2014, program officials hope to get permission from Italy and Germany to use the data from the forthcoming trial to look at other, simulated integrated interactions, Coyne says.

The next test will include integration work at a higher level using data from the forthcoming test as a baseline, Coyne says.

These tests would take place at Practica di Mare Air Base outside Rome.

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