Pentagon Heads Back To Work Amid Uncertain Budget Future

By Jen DiMascio
Source: Aerospace Daily & Defense Report

“Similarly, the Navy can’t award the new multiyear contract for Virginia-class submarines.”

Along with the challenges associated with a limited, short-term spending bill, the Pentagon is continuing to plan for three different budget scenarios — continued sequestration requiring about a $50 billion reduction to fiscal 2014 budget figures, the numbers provided for under the current CR and also the numbers laid out by the president’s 2014 budget request.

“We have to plan for every eventuality here,” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel tells reporters.

This year, Hagel directed a Strategic Choices Management Review looking at how the department would reshape itself if sequestration were to continue, requiring the steepest reductions.

And if that comes to pass, “far-reaching changes” would occur, including “pretty good-size reductions” to the force, Hale says. “It’ll be a somewhat differing, smaller military.”

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