Pentagon Signs Off On Next Two Lots Of F-35 Buys

By Amy Butler
Source: Aerospace Daily & Defense Report

And, for LRIP 7, the target for the F-35B is $104 million per unit with the C variant at $116 million per airframe.

These two lots also include aircraft for the U.K., Norway, Australia and Italy.

The contract calls for Lockheed Martin to assume more responsibility for the so-called concurrency costs associated with the aircraft in LRIPs 6 and 7. This refers to the price of retrofitting aircraft in these lots with fixes discovered in the development program as it continues through fiscal 2016.

Aircraft from LRIP 6 will begin being delivered in the second quarter of 2014, with LRIP aircraft following a year later.

Lockheed Martin officials are “extremely pleased” with the deals. They are a “significant milestone for the F-35 program and its path to enhanced affordability,” a company statement says.

Rear Adm. Randolph Mahr, F-35 deputy program manager, says the program office hopes to nail down the LRIP 8 early next year.

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