IG Blasts Navy Access Control Systems And Practices

By Staff
Source: Aerospace Daily & Defense Report

Corrective action plan

IG also recommends a review be made of Cnic N3AT officials for possible administrative actions, if appropriate.

Finally, IG recommends the assistant secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition review appropriate contracting practices and establish a corrective action plan.

The IG notes the Navy plans to take actions in line with some of the recommendations included in the report, such as improving security measures and better aligning the way it provides credentials with overall Defense Department procedures.

“The DoD IG report released Sept. 16 is focused on the Navy Commercial Access Control System (Ncacs), which provides for base access privileges of vendors, contractors, suppliers, and service providers. Contractors who need continued, enduring access to government facilities and information systems are typically issued Common Access Cards (CACs) and are not vetted through NCACS,” a Navy official says.

“Since 2012, the Navy has been working with DOD IG to support their review of the Ncacs,” the official says. “The Navy is reviewing the final report and its recommendations.”

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