U.K. May Extend Life Of Istar Aircraft

By Angus Batey
Source: Aerospace Daily & Defense Report

An extension to its urgent requirements authority could be negotiated if Reaper remains in theater for ongoing support to the Afghan national security forces.

A similar extension could continue the life of Sentinel.

Under recent changes to the way the different branches of the armed services manage their budgets, the air force could reverse the planned cancellations, but it would have to pay for the ongoing commitment by diverting funds from other programs. The army has started the trend, bringing UOR platforms such as the Mastiff mine-protected troop transport, the Foxhound armored patrol vehicle, and the Desert Hawk 3 hand-launched UAV into its core equipment program. Operations for the three army platforms, however, would require far less funding than the squadrons that operate Reaper, Shadow and Sentinel.

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