NASA Probes Spacesuit Water Leak

By Mark Carreau
Source: Aerospace Daily & Defense Report

Cassidy left his nearby ISS work site to check on his colleague. He found water gathering around Parmitano’s nose and mouth, and suggested that Parmitano taste the water to see if it was coming from his internal drink bag. After several minutes of deliberation, Mission Control ordered the two men back to the safety of the station’s airlock.

The moisture in Parmitano’s helmet continued to increase as he made his way to the airlock, while his ability to see, speak and breathe degraded.

An early finding seemed to absolve the drink bag. “I would say the likelihood the leak is coming from the drink bag is pretty low given what the crew has told us,” Eversley said. “Our whole spacewalk community will be working through a fault tree and checking off every possibility.”

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