House Panels Move NASA Bills

By Frank Morring, Jr.
Source: Aerospace Daily & Defense Report

The appropriations-subcommittee bill generally cuts deeper into Obama’s fiscal 2014 request for the space agency. Science accounts took a $236.8 million hit, with $80 million earmarked to fund formulation of a mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa. Space technology was cut $166.6 million, to $576 million; and exploration was cut $303.5 million, to $3.6 billion, including $1.05 billion for Orion and $1.5 billion for SLS development. The appropriations subcommittee cut space operations $212.9 million from Obama’s request, to $3.67 billion.

Both the authorization and appropriations measures would set aside $566 million for NASA’s aeronautics program, the president’s requested amount.

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