F-35 Retrofit Cost Estimates Drop

By Amy Butler
Source: Aerospace Daily & Defense Report

Lawmakers requested these concurrency cost reports as due to concerns that these estimates were very high, adding significantly to the per-unit price of the actual aircraft. Based on the contracted target cost for LRIP 5 aircraft, the F-35 is estimated at $105 million, the F-35B is estimated at $113 million and the F-35C is estimated at $125 million. Based on the revised concurrency estimates, the Pentagon can expect to pay an additional $10 million per aircraft for retrofits; that is about 10% of the price of the F-35A.

Air Force Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan, F-35 program executive officer, said last winter he expects to be able to stabilize the price of the F-35A, the predominant model sought for export, at $80-90 million. At that point, in full-rate production, there should be virtually no retrofits required.

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