Falcon 2000S

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Club chairs have longitudinal and lateral track, swivel and recline adjustments. With six seats in the aft cabin, the individual facing chairs on the right side also are 18 in. wide. Notably, each pair of facing seats has a foldout worktable. The conference grouping has an electrically powered, raising and lowering 42-in. by 28-in. conference table.

There is a 5.6-ft.-high, 2.6-ft.-wide air-stair main door, equipped with a right-side telescoping handrail, tread lights and electrically powered door closer. The seventh window on the right side of the cabin is contained within a 1.7-ft. by 3.0-ft. Type III over-wing emergency exit. The aft internal baggage compartment has a lavatory access door and a 2.6-ft. by 2.5-ft. external air-stair door. The air stair is not a trivial design feature. It makes it much easier for the crew to heft suitcases into the 131-cu.-ft., 1,600-lb. capacity aft baggage compartment. The baggage compartment is larger than that of most SMS aircraft.

Not to be overlooked, the aft baggage compartment is clear of the engine rotor burst plane, so it's completely accessible up to the aircraft's FL 470 certified ceiling.

The forward vestibule, ahead of the main seating area, has a 15-in.-long galley annex and a 46-in.-long main galley on the right side. The galley has a tap and sink, two ice drawers, coffee maker and generous storage compartments. There is a 30-in.-long combination closet and entertainment cabinet on the left side, aft of the entry door.

Since the aircraft was announced, the Rockwell Collins Falcon HD cabin management system has been upgraded. It now includes a 1 terabyte server that supports Apple TV, a media center with a 19-in. HD color monitor on the forward cabin bulkhead, two individual seat 10.6-in. plug-in LED monitors with eight stations, an AirCell Axxess II Iridium satcom phone and eight 115 VAC/60 Hz or 230 VAC/50 Hz power outlets. A special application program will be offered for Apple iPod Touch or iPhone PDAs, enabling them to control cabin temperature, interior lights, video playback and optional electric window shades.

In the forward club section, left- and right-side electrically powered chairs will be optional for the second row. Internet connectivity will be available by means of an optional Aircell air-to-ground high-speed data link or medium-speed MCS 7120 Inmarsat system. A two-channel Aircell Iridium satcom voice phone is standard.

Aft of the main seating section, there is a full-width lavatory with tap and sink, an externally serviced toilet and additional storage compartments. The lav has a rear door that provides inflight access to the baggage compartment.

Let’s Go Flying

In late June, we climbed into the left seat of serial number 702 on Avitat's ramp at Vancouver International Airport. Dassault Falcon Jet Chief Pilot Franco “Valentino” Nese belted into the right seat as our instructor and demonstration pilot Peder Sarsten rode along as safety pilot on the jump seat.

The aircraft was loaded with optional equipment including the Rockwell Collins HGS head-up display and CMC Electronics EVS IR camera, among other kit that increased BOW to 25,280 lb. Thus, this aircraft had a 1,320-lb. tanks-full payload rather than the 1,850-lb. advertised by Dassault. With a 600-lb. payload and 8,440 lb. of fuel aboard, ramp weight was 34,500 lb. and computed takeoff weight was 34,000 lb.

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