Contemporary Copter Cabins

By By Mal Gormley
Source: Business & Commercial Aviation

Additionally, American Eurocopter has installed and delivered the first Eurocopter EC145 with Flight Display Systems' Select Cabin Management System. With it, passengers can now control XM Radio, Blu-ray video, cabin lighting, air-conditioning and a moving map from the comfort of their seats. Components include 4.3–in. touchscreen control panels, a Blu-ray and DVD player, Flight Display Moving Map, 10.2–in. widescreen LCD with ceiling mount and a six-genre music player.

American Eurocopter's twin-engine EC145 combines a large cabin and extensive avionics offerings to make it the light utility helicopter of choice for the U.S. Army. Known as the UH-72A Lakota, its missions include carrying VIPs and high-ranking personnel. The EC145 can be configured either as a VIP helicopter with a sumptuous four-place interior, or alternatively used as a “sports utility helicopter” for an outdoor sports trip over the weekend.

In addition, Eurocopter has introduced the Stylence family of helicopters — “a combination of style and silence” — for which aesthetics, ergonomics and advanced technology have been merged. Stylence incorporates extra-thick interior insulation and special flooring to further lower noise and vibration levels, inflight office and telecommunications equipment, and an interior featuring high-quality leather upholstery. The Stylence package currently is offered on five Eurocopter models: the EC120, EC130, AS350 B2/B3, AS355 NP and EC145.

The EC225 long-range, rotary-wing aircraft is available with a range of VIP interiors that can accommodate eight to 12 passengers, plus an attendant. A range of galleys and washrooms also are offered, along with an extensive range of IFEC systems.

So it is apparent that operators no longer need to settle for spartan cabins after growing accustomed to comfort and productivity in their homes, offices and automobiles.

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