Embraer Phenom 300

By By Fred George fred_george@aviationweek.com
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Read the Embraer Phenom 300 pilot report by Fred George from the October 2009 issue. Tap here in the digital edition of BCA.

Top 25 AOG Causes
143Flap FailFlight Control Electronics Unit - 1011
219Engine Start FailureRelay Contactor
319Brake Inop / FailureBrake Control Unit - Version 7
412Gust Lock MalfunctionUnder Investigation
58Anti-Skid FailureBrake Control Unit - Version 8
68Chip Detection — Engine Oil Contamination MessageProdigy SW Load 63
78DC Bus FailureRelay Contactor
88Smart Probe Heat FailureUnder Investigation
94Ventral Rudder FailureUnder Investigation
104Windshield Heat InopW/S Heat Control Unit — Version 4
114Hydraulic System LeakHydraulic Accumulator
125Bleed Air FailurePRSOV Corrosion
133Garmin Integrated Avionics UnitUnder Investigation
148Air Data SystemUnder Investigation
154Engine — No DispatchFADEC Upgrade
1610Engine Air Inlet CracksRetrofit Engine Inlet
173Pitch Trim Failure — Normal ModeFlight Control Electronics Unit - 1011
183MLG Oleo LeakUnder Investigation
193Engine Oil ProblemUnder Investigation
207Multifunction Spoiler FaultFlight Control Electronics Unit - 1011
214Multifunction Spoiler FailureFlight Control Electronics Unit - 1011
223DC Electrical Power MalfunctionRelay Contactor
233Flap MalfunctionFlight Control Electronics Unit - 1011
243Thermostat Control FailureTemperature Controller - Version 6
255Electric Fuel Pump InoperativeRelay Contactor Jan. 2013
Remedy Available Remedy Under Development Cause Under Investigation
Source: Phenom Operators’ Meeting

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