Lagos: The Island City

By By David Esler
Source: Business & Commercial Aviation


Name & ICAO identifier: Lagos Murtala Muhammed International (DNMM)

Coordinates: 6° 34' 38” N, 3° 19' 16” E

POE: Yes

Elevation: 135 ft.

Runways: 18R/36L, 12,794 ft. x 197 ft., asphalt; 18L/36R, 8,997 ft. x 148 ft., both equipped with ILS.

Slots: No, airport open 23/7; peak traffic afternoons and evenings.

Noise restrictions: No

Curfew: No

FBOs: ExecuJet Aviation Group and Evergreen Apple Nigeria, both full service. Additionally, the airport operates a general aviation terminal in the domestic wing of the main passenger terminal.

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