Bombardier’s Hachey Addresses Airframe Competition

By Joseph C. Anselmo, Graham Warwick
Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology
December 16, 2013
Credit: Bombardier

Bombardier's new CSeries airliner made its first flight on Sept. 16, but the Canadian airframer faces formidable opposition from Airbus and Boeing as it tries to gain traction in the 100-150-seat market. Bombardier Aerospace President and Chief Operating Officer Guy Hachey met in Montreal with AW&ST Editor-in-Chief Joseph C. Anselmo and Managing Editor for Technology Graham Warwick to talk about the CSeries and the increasingly competitive landscape his company faces in commercial and business aircraft.

AW&ST: The CSeries is nosing up into the market segment long dominated by the A320 and 737, and Airbus and Boeing are not happy. Does Bombardier have deep enough pockets to see this program through to commercial success?

Hachey: Certainly, we're not in the same league as Boeing and Airbus, but we're not attacking their full portfolios. We're not attacking anything, actually. What we are doing is providing an airplane at the lower end of the aircraft they sell, because that market, in our opinion, is not well served. We designed an aircraft that's optimized for this segment, and we feel we'll be able to capture a sizeable amount [of it]. It's not their bread and butter. We're not going after the 180-seat segment.

They certainly take the CSeries as a threat.

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